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Moment of Truth Monday

Last year, during a passing conversation, a wise friend asked me if I noticed any reoccurring feedback for my teaching or writing. Until she asked the question, I hadn’t been attentive enough to notice a repeating theme. Suffice it to say, I resolved to listen with new intention.

As I listened, a common response DID surface. There seemed to be a shared appreciation for the authenticity they encountered. That made sense because honesty and authenticity are attractive to me, and I place a high value on both. I learn the most from people unafraid to stand in the truth of their failures as much as their successes.

Honesty. It was from this place of awareness #MOTM was born. These weekly words of encouragement come from the intersection of my passion and gifting. I try to write from the voice of my authentic self-not for personal gain, but to create connection. Regardless of political affiliation, faith, gender, or ethnicity, honesty is a place we can find common ground. My heart behind these posts is that we’d gather here based on shared experiences and connect without pretense.

Monday mornings begin with me seeing my people off to their respective areas, grabbing a cup of hot tea, and sitting down at my computer. I reach deep within {sometimes grasping at what feels like nothing} and search for words that will invite you into my story while creating space for me to enter yours. My hope is always the same-to share honestly and challenge you to step away from what’s pretend, and into what’s often encouraged to remain hidden.

If I didn’t listen to the wisdom of my friend, I probably wouldn’t be writing these. I would be doing what comes naturally to me…shrinking back and wondering if I had anything to contribute to the world. Writing is risky and requires more vulnerability than I care to step into sometimes. Yet, this common space where truth is valued is where I rediscover my hope and purpose.

Can I ask you the question my friend asked me? What is the one thing people say to you on repeat? Not the garbage you rehearse internally, but the affirmation you receive from those you work with, live with, or lead. Do they speak of your gentleness, diplomacy, or hospitality? Have you taken the time to listen and consider if you’re using what you already have?

Lean in and listen with new intention, friend. Take note of the thing that keeps repeating and consider a way you could use it for the common good. Your circle of influence needs your contribution. Honestly.

#MomentofTruthMonday #CommonGood #Honesty #Authenticity

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