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Moment of Truth Monday

When my oldest was a senior, a simple idea cropped up in my heart. I invited him to have lunch with me once a week. While I wasn’t sure he would want to, it thrilled me when he said yes, and senior lunch was born. When we would meet, I would ask lots of questions but also was mindful to actively listen.

Before you think this was a great idea, let me confess something. When I started senior lunch, it was purely selfish. Selfish. I had a nagging feeling that I was running out of time to teach all the lessons and say all the things. I wanted the lunches to be a time when I could encourage and impart knowledge before my son left the nest.

What senior lunch became was not as I imagined. There were weeks when the conversation was strained, and we parted ways irritated. Some days I left wondering if I was causing more damage than good. I quickly discovered I needed to adjust my expectation and give my son room to lead. That’s super hard to do when you’ve been in the lead role so long, but the shift was necessary.

Even though my initial motivation was selfish, good things grew out of our weekly lunches. When I stopped trying to craft three-point lunch discussions, I started hearing my son’s hopes for the next season of life. We talked about his friends, work load, concerns, and frustrations. Ever so subtly, I began getting to know my son in a fresh new way. I saw the person he was becoming, and it provided an opportunity to affirm him and pour into his hopes and dreams.

There’s something powerful about showing up for people, listening to them share their heart and experiences, and affirming the strengths you see in them. Senior lunch reminded me what I already knew firsthand. There are people that have been showing up in my life for years. They listen {often tirelessly}, encourage me, and love me. While no part of it was easy, good things grew out of the time sacrificed.

I’m now enjoying senior lunch with my second kiddo. I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for the world. My motivation isn’t panic or fear about what I’ve forgotten to teach her, but the opportunity to grow individually and together. I’m still learning how to show up, adjust unreasonable expectations, and love well. Lessons I often attribute to my children.

Is there someone that has shown up for you in a mighty way? Let today be the day you tell them just how much they’ve meant to you. Is there someone that could use a strong dose of you showing up for them? Do it. Invite them to have lunch with you and then listen like a champ. We need each other. In fact, we are better together.

Show up. Sow kindness. Repeat.

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