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A Call to Action

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This is an open confession: I often wrestle with the desire to see my hopes and dreams fulfilled according to my timeline. I get the lack of trust in that confession. Really. But it’s true. I have a lack of patience that rises up when things don’t go according to my plan. This impatience quickly turns into discouragement.

In the middle of such discouragement, I came across a few passages of scripture that blew wind in my sails. This encouragement became my call to action.

While studying the life of David, the circumstances surrounding his anointing as king fell anew on me. He was young, an unlikely choice for king, and a shepherd. He was out tending sheep when Samuel anointed him as king.  He was doing ordinary work. Nothing glamorous about that.

As if that wasn’t enough, I ran into the story of Elisha. He was out plowing the field when Elijah came to him. Elijah threw his cloak around Elisha-thus designating him as successor. He was doing ordinary work. Nothing glamorous about that.

These two guys were real people-doing real work. In the midst of their ordinary work, an extraordinary purpose came calling.

Suddenly-this became my battle cry. Get on up, Alyssa, and get to work. Trust God’s timing and plan. Don’t be hamstrung about what you want, or think should happen. Do the work set in front of you. Do it well. Do it with joy. Do it with hope, courage, and trust.

Ordinary person {check}.

Ordinary work {check}.

Extraordinary purpose {trusting}.

9 thoughts on “A Call to Action

  1. This is powerful! I struggle with my lack of patience and desire to get things done, knock things out. Great reminder to trust in His timing.

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  2. Thanks again. Such a great reminder hit home as I sat at Warren’s graduation. Ordinary days with teachers and students doing ordinary things culminated into an extraordinary day.

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  3. I live here more than I can say. To add to the David story, he was anointed and then had to wait and wait and wait to become king. He didn’t just sit around and wait. He kept working and doing what he knew. I needed that reminder to keep working.

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