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Confessions of a Church Shopper: What I’m Learning in a Season of Wandering

I grew up in church. My earliest memories include my dad leading acapella worship and my mom doing everything from preparing communion to leading Vacation Bible School. We didn’t live near extended family, so the people occupying the pews were our family. I’m not sure I was ever able to accurately discern the difference between…… Continue reading Confessions of a Church Shopper: What I’m Learning in a Season of Wandering

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Are you Eligible?

I don’t know about you, but I am quick to qualify and disqualify myself in many arenas. If I think I know more on a subject, I’m eligible to speak. If my thoughts are shaky on a subject, I’m more likely to shrink back. I have sidelined myself more times than I care to admit…… Continue reading Are you Eligible?

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A Call to Action

This is an open confession: I often wrestle with the desire to see my hopes and dreams fulfilled according to my timeline. I get the lack of trust in that confession. Really. But it’s true. I have a lack of patience that rises up when things don’t go according to my plan. This impatience quickly turns into discouragement.…… Continue reading A Call to Action

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Even Though

Even though…it’s my new favorite phrase.  When used as a conjunction, it strongly emphasizes the contrast between the two connecting phrases. My study last week revolved around the life, calling and promise of Abraham. He was called to go to a new land and then given the blessing of being the conduit of God’s blessing to all the people…… Continue reading Even Though

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A Beautifully-Rewarding Challenge

“Read the Bible in 90 days”, they said. “It’s going to be great,” they said. “Just read, don’t try to cross-reference,” they said. And I said, “are they crazy?” No, I said YES! Y’all-in order to read the Bible in 90 days-you have to read 12 pages a day. That seemed easy enough. Ha!  Reading…… Continue reading A Beautifully-Rewarding Challenge