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Five Minute Friday::Nothing

In the quiet place I recognize my empty hands…my weary heart…my dried up spirit. On my own, separate from the Lord, I have nothing. He substantiates me, redeems me, fills me, graces me and wildly loves me. My independent, stubborn heart likes to believe I have all I need–moreover, that I am all I need.…… Continue reading Five Minute Friday::Nothing

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Wake Up Call to Love

The alarm had been set, but what woke me were his panicked words… “Alyssa, it’s 6:00am.  You’re late.” I loathe mornings. Really. My body requires extra time to “warm up”, and my enthusiasm hibernates until sometime after 10am. I was scheduled to meet a friend at 6:15 that morning.  There was no way I could look presentable, grab…… Continue reading Wake Up Call to Love

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Capsizing and Crying

John, my husband, took our youngest son kayaking several months ago. Being Andrew’s first experience he was tentative, at best. No sooner than pushing off from the shore, the kayak capsized. Paralyzed with fear, it took an enormous amount of coaxing to get him back in the boat for the remainder of the trip-some two…… Continue reading Capsizing and Crying