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Moment of Truth Monday

I used to dream of being a singer. It started in the early days of my dad’s song leading at church. He would go practice and my sisters and I would assume the stage with our microphone stands. We were good {at least we thought we were good} without microphones or an audience. I’m not…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday


Exciting Announcement

One night, while curled up on the couch, my husband entered the room talking about an email he opened. He used words that sounded ill-fitting and unfamiliar. Devotional. Two more contributions. He noted the confusion on my face and invited me to come read the email myself. The next several moments unfolded in slow-motion. My…… Continue reading Exciting Announcement

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When It Appears That All Is Lost

Excited to be sharing a bit of my heart today on the  (in)courage blog. Would love it if you would click over and share in the community conversation! If you are looking for daily encouragement, you’re invited to sign up here to receive free daily posts from the writers of (in)courage!  

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A Flooring Confession

Don’t ask my friends, they will exaggerate.  They will tell you it’s 2-3 times per day, but they are wrong! I confess–I do obsess about my floors, and in turn sweep them often.  In my defense, dark hardwood floors show EVERYTHING! A few times a week I cave in and clean them. I do. No…… Continue reading A Flooring Confession