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Moment of Truth Monday: March Edition

Dreaming has been a semi-elusive experience for me. Not the type of dreaming you entertain in your deepest state of rest, but the ones born in your soul. It’s not that there’s a shortage of dreams in me, but I have a tendency toward hard stops before the dream has a chance to evolve. Dreaming…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday: March Edition

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Moment of Truth Monday

Running has always been a natural tendency of mine. Not in the lace up your shoes and pound the pavement kind of way, but from circumstances and situations. It’s instinctive, really. I was created with a small dose of fight, and an excessive amount of flight! After years of hindsight, I figured out that fear…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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A Story, A Question and A Crossroad

Blindsided. Never saw it coming. Ever uttered those words? There is deep vulnerability assumed in such responses–evidenced by the undertone of surprise. I like to plan–you know–keep things nice and tidy. If possible, I’d do this with every area of my life. Emotions, faith, disappointments, friendships, etc. Keep things under control. A few weekends ago, while attending…… Continue reading A Story, A Question and A Crossroad