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Following God to Myself

Have you ever encountered a younger version of yourself? When this younger version speaks you understand without knowing all the details because it is *somehow* strangely familiar… LaSondra didn’t want to be engaged in conversation with me, but I was unrelenting. Something about her Protected. Reserved. Suspicious. disposition was oddly similar to a younger version of me.…… Continue reading Following God to Myself

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A Beautifully-Rewarding Challenge

“Read the Bible in 90 days”, they said. “It’s going to be great,” they said. “Just read, don’t try to cross-reference,” they said. And I said, “are they crazy?” No, I said YES! Y’all-in order to read the Bible in 90 days-you have to read 12 pages a day. That seemed easy enough. Ha!  Reading…… Continue reading A Beautifully-Rewarding Challenge