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Merry Christmas 2022

For anyone who feels lost or lonely today, I see you. I can also relate. While I always loved the idea of Christmas, the execution of it seemed to fall short of the picture I had in my mind. It was an inarticulate sorrow that came in waves every other year; it was one that…… Continue reading Merry Christmas 2022

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Burned out, Deconstructing, and Good Investments

Trapped between the easy way out and the proper way through, I stood looking at the tree. Trouble was brewing last season when one section of lights on our pre-lit tree refused to glow. It was easy to call an audible and add a string of lights because the problem was not detected until the…… Continue reading Burned out, Deconstructing, and Good Investments

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Moment of Truth Monday

Traditions are nice. I appreciate how they offer a baseline for routine, because I love a good plan. Hearing stories of what others do “every year” for holidays is a great instructor for those of us that can’t do the same thing year after year. For some, it’s a matter of distance and finance. For…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday