Suggestions for Avoiding Soul Fatigue

Taking a Pulse on Your Spirit

Do you find yourself losing steam after a strong start in the new year? Is your spirit weary and your resolve waning? Hitting a spot of soul fatigue is not unusual. Most of us have great gusto when the calendar is wide open and the possibilities seem endless. But then the diagnosis comes, the test comes back positive, and the obstacles begin stacking up, and you find yourself feeling depleted and discouraged.

Maybe it’s time to feed your spirit. People do that in a variety of ways–one of those ways is by listening to podcasts. I love to turn on a great podcast and go for a long walk. It seems like a win for my body, mind, and spirit!

After lots of waiting and planning, I was finally able to sit down with my friend, Jill Dobrowansky, to talk about Broken Vessels: Reframing Brokenness to Advance the Gospel on her podcast, Feed Your Spirit, and the conversation was a mix of humor, hope, and humility. It is always humbling to be invited into the sacred space podcasters have cultivated with their listeners; I am deeply grateful for the invitation.

💙 I sincerely believe every scar in our stories can lead to connection and community when we lean into the fullness of who we were created to be. We discuss this among other honest topics. Be fairly warned though–there are a few tender moments, so only listen if you desire to deep-dive into the grace of God!

You can listen to the episode here.

Additional Resources to Nourish Your Soul

Jill and I also host Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go a monthly podcast inviting listeners to occupy a seat at the table. You can listen on your favorite podcast platform, or click here to view the library of Youtube episodes. This month we celebrate one year of Table Talk! Be sure to watch for our new episode to drop next week!

If podcasts do speak to you, I also created a playlist to accompany Broken Vessels that you might find to be fuel for your soul.

How do YOU Nourish Your Soul?

Don’t like to go for walks and listen to podcasts? What do you do to tend to the condition of your body, mind, and spirit? Share your favorite way to refresh your soul and feed your spirit.

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