Monday Mood in Emojis: Free Download

Let’s start Summer BREAK with a fun download!

First, are you the type of person who can communicate using only emojis? It seems you either love an emoji or not. If there is middle ground, it is yet to be discovered!

I love to respond with emojis. Considering I am often criticized for my lack of texting skills, it would seem that an emoji response is better than no response. Right? Throw me a bone. Cut your text challenged friends some slack.

To cut through the mundane Monday mood, I am sharing my life in emojis. If this does not motivate you to get going, I just don’t know what would.

At the end of every school year, I am surprised at my level of exhaustion. Teachers run on caffeine and adrenaline for most of the year, so the first second of downtime brings a mountain of deferred exhaustion. I see you fellow teachers; you have earned that nap.

My favorite animal [besides my dog–obviously] is a whale. I could spend hours whale watching. My kids love to harass me on this one, but it is fine. I own that whales captivate me.

My favorite drink is hot tea. London Fog, Chai with almond milk, black tea. Invite me for tea and win me forever.

I am in a new season. The chapter on teaching high school has closed [for now], so the anchor is symbolic of my decision to jump in the deep end. I am walking into a season where I need an anchor, and I am expectant of what will unfold in the days ahead.


What is your life in emojis? Download this template and play along. Share yours in the comments, or tag me on social media, so I can see your life in emojis.

Happy Monday, friends!

Alyssa ❤

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