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Quarantine Chronicles 9.0

Twice during shelter-in-place orders, I have been overwhelmed with sorrow. Two times I have been confronted by the unnecessary snuffing out of lives. I know there are more stories, more names, more tragedies. Twice is merely the tip of the iceberg.

While the danger of a virus that has taken an excessive amount of lives is ever in front of me, I fear the ongoing threat of harboring prejudices as much or more. They are not the same, but there is real grief and heartache attached to both.

I will not turn a blind eye or scroll past. Ignoring the issue perpetuates the problem.

I can’t breathe used to be a funny thing we said around here. The humor is gone. The heaviness has moved in.

Before you tell me I should investigate before speaking up, how would you respond if it was your father, son, friend, nephew, or significant other?

As long as we keep ourselves removed from the person, we miss the opportunity to stand up against injustice.

If being asked to wear a mask in public makes your blood boil and threatens your rights, then consider another mask we need to take off to unveil our eyes to the senseless suffering of our fellow man.

George and Ahmaud were not my personal friends, but they were created in the image of God. That made them my brothers.

Today, I weep for their families.

Today, I weep for the impurities in my own heart.

Today, I weep for the injustices we choose to ignore.

Today, I long for on earth as it is in heaven.

As things begin to open up and return to normal, I hope we never forget what we have seen and learned during quarantine. May the sorrow of today turn into actions that impact the legacy of a nation that celebrates freedom.

One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

Alyssa ❤

One thought on “Quarantine Chronicles 9.0

  1. Being in quarantine can easily distract our God-given need for sharing in community. True peace and happiness come from serving our fellow man thus honoring our great Creator. Thought provoking words Alyssa, TY.


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