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Moment of Truth Monday

Denver Moore Quote

If given the option, I would defer to the easy path and avoid the messy middle. Pain is not appealing when comfort is available.

My guess is that you would lean the same direction.

We are living in a time when we have no choice but to be encircled by the unexpected.

Expect the unexpected goes the old saying. That used to casually roll off my tongue, but it has new meaning in this season. Maybe it does for you, too.

We are living in the daily reality of the unexpected. Every day is not just another day out of the normal routine; every day is another day of wondering when things might be different.

Every day presents new opportunities like how to make a meal without the rice you “always” use for the recipe. Always has been evicted from our repertoire. I think that is our greatest gift because always limits relationships, dreams, and efforts.

We are living in the unknown, and some days it feels like the unexpected is going to take us out. Anyone?

We have earned the right to grieve what was called off, postponed, or taken away, but let’s not forget to follow our grieving full circle.

What else is possible on the other side of the disappointment and grief?

I have been guilty of missing the right now because I was looking ahead to what was next.

I DON’T want to miss any of this. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The experiences of RIGHT NOW have the potential to change us for good.

That’s how I want to be known…the one who had a heart transformation in the messy middle.


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