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Breaking News: Peace is NOT Sold-Out

John 14 Jesus quote

While communities scramble for rations of toilet paper and milk, everyday problems and matters of the heart have not let up. Suffering is showing up-business as usual.

While taking care of one of our children post-surgery, we were presented with unexpected news and a decision that taxed our minds and labored our hearts.

We grappled with the reality of a friend’s unexpected passing while deciding what was best for our college-aged children.

This was our second friend to pass within the window of eight weeks. Death is never easy. Unexpected loss is the stuff of deep heartache.

While tending to the recovery of one of our children [1,000 miles away], we NEVER expected to be presented with the decision to leave her alone at school or bring her home. We had driven to care for her. That decision feels more providential now then it did at the time.

Big emotions and decisions do not mix well with frenzy and fear. You already know that.

We are choosing to cling to the peace of Christ in the middle of the messy unknown. Peace is available to each of us. If you are searching for answers or attempting to make sense of loss and the unexpected, hold on to hope.

As my friend says, the storm may not cease, but you can trust God to calm you in the middle of the storm.

If you are suffering, you are not alone. Lean into the peace of Christ. It’s always available–never sold out, never unavailable.

Be well, friends.

Be kind to your neighbors.

Encourage the teachers, pastors, first-responders, and families in your community.

Remember the homeless and needy.

Share when it makes sense and you can.

Choose faith over fear.

Be flexible.

Be wise.

With you,

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