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Moment of Truth Monday-Shareable Graphic


It’s been a long time since I shared a Moment of Truth Monday post. Today seemed like a good day to drop an encouraging graphic for you to consider for yourself and share with someone who might need to hear it.

Moment of Truth Monday Paths

As you start off your week of work, studying, volunteering, grieving, or whatever is in store, consider where you place your feet. It is all too easy to take the worn path and walk in the same old narrative.

Do you desire a new narrative? Do you want your story to play out differently this week than it did last week? If your answer is yes, I am here with good news. It can be different. You have permission to make new choices and ditch the old script you keep deferring to.

Examine where you find your identity. Is it in job performance, relationship status, or your man-made platform? If so, you will find yourself on the hamster wheel of disappointment and not enough-ness.

Your true identify is in your Creator. He died so that you might live in the fullness of this life and eternity.

Start your week with a commitment to evaluating the road you are on. Are you running over the “same old ground?” You get to choose something new.

Take the risk, friend.

I dare you to walk in a new narrative.

My Monday motivation and personal journey is to do just that.

Let’s go!


One thought on “Moment of Truth Monday-Shareable Graphic

  1. I have heard many times recently, “we are where we are due to choices we have made or choices we have let others make for us.” If you tend to let others make choices for you let today be the beginning of that end. If you have made past choices that didn’t result in a favorable outcome, examine the facts and choose a new different path. We all have the definition of crazy “doing the same thing but expecting different results!”
    TY Alyssa for the challenge of looking to the only ONE who loves us unconditionally and wants only the very best for His children. Remember too HE is the only one who knows the end of each of our stories! Great post!!!

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