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“Letters from the Heart” That’s a Wrap!


Did you love the letters that were shared in this series? Goodness, I just couldn’t believe the tenderness and vulnerability each one offered. Amazing. A special thanks to all my amazing friends and family who courageously shared their words for this series. You have my heart FOREVER!

Sometimes we just need someone else’s words to reverberate deep within our bones and drink in the truth of what becomes a shared story. Because there was a thread line in each letter that offered a “me too” moment, I found myself in each one. Did you?

You’ll see a graphic for each post below. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the post. Can I ask you to consider who in your life might need the encouragement of one of the letters? Sometimes an invitation into someone’s story is the thing that changes the trajectory of a day.

Will you do me a favor? Will you share one of the letters in this series with someone today? You can’t possibly know how your kindness might intersect their present need.

I’m grateful for you, for this space to share words of encouragement, and for the people you impact in your individual circles of influence.

We’re better together!


Dear Mom Letter from the Heart


Letters from the Heart Dear Son


Dear Daughter Letters from the Heart


Dear Foster Baby


Dear Friends in Low Places


Dear Dad


Dear Texas

Dear Single Gal

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