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Moment of Truth Monday

I love music. Seasons of my life are marked off by specific songs and hearing them can immediately usher me back to the skating rink, fairgrounds, or summer tour road trip. Growing up, my sister often expressed her disbelief about the number of lyrics I retained. Because music was my path to healing, lyrics were a conduit.

Loving music, however, doesn’t necessarily translate to being proficient in singing or rhythm. I do okay singing along with the professionals, but trying to carry a tune on my own…yikes {think dying cow}. The reason I know it sounds lousy is because I’ve beheld the way it’s supposed to sound. The knowledge of how the artist intended a song to sound gives me a framework for measuring the accuracy of my own attempt.

My youngest is cultivating music appreciation by learning to play the trumpet. Familiar childhood songs fill the house as he practices. Since I’ve heard Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star no less than one thousand times, discerning a wrong note is easy. I am not trained in music scales or tone proficiency, but I can certainly hear inaccuracies.

As he was serving up some hits during practice last week, I started thinking about the value in knowing the correct sound to discern the incorrect sound. This is certainly true beyond the scope of music. What about purses? There’s an entire market for knock-off handbags, which are apparently so close to the real thing most people can’t tell a difference. Know who probably can? Those that paid for and carry an authentic version.

What’s my point? Truth is essential. Without truth, how do you detect a lie? Becoming familiar with truth sets up the boundary line that “almost true” isn’t allowed to cross. The establishment of truth is the framework we use to build our lives on.

When I know and believe my identity, I can walk confidently in my calling and in relationships. When I’m conflicted about who I am, it’s easy for me to be tossed back and forth in the court of public opinion or by what’s trending. The further I get from truth, the harder it is to discern authenticity in relationships or my own thoughts.

Truth matters.

I am beloved, forgiven, gifted, worthy, and treasured by the Most High. I am also a lover of music who knows when to sing along with the radio and when to close my mouth. Knowing the truth of who I am informs my actions and becomes the filter my thoughts and opinions must pass through.

If discerning what is false happens by the establishment of truth, what is your source of truth?

Truth Scripture Meme





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