Moment of Truth Monday

Settling into a new “normal” is not nearly as simple as it sounds. Am I the only one that grapples with change? I crave routine and thrive on well-laid plans, but I am experienced enough to know life is full of uncertainties. Learning to adjust and be flexible is necessary, even if the shift is unwanted.

I have been walking through a season of change over the last 9 months. Nearly every aspect of my life has been touched by significant changes. The changes themselves aren’t all bad. In fact, some of them have been so life giving and good. That is the thing about change. It’s hard to know what to expect amid shifting sands, BUT oh how we want the entire picture to be clear and thorough.

We sent our oldest to college last month. What a mix of difficult and sweet on the transition scale. While we deeply miss his presence in our home, he is thriving in his new season. We anticipated the loss in our family dynamic, but failed to fully consider the gain of his contentment, personal growth, and success.

I have a family member whose quality of life has been on a rapid downward spiral for the past 7 months. I’m inclined to be indignant with the change. After all, this shift was uninvited. I want my loved one’s life to be just like it used to be. Ever been in a position where you said those words?

The thing I’m discovering in this season of transition is that maybe things weren’t so great how they used to be. They may have been good for that season, but consider this…if I wore my mittens in all seasons, it would be weird. Right? Mittens are needed in winter {even if that’s only 36 hours in Texas}. They serve a wonderful purpose, but that same need doesn’t exist in spring and summer.

If I applied similar reasoning to my life, fear may not be so elevated when things begin moving around. What’s good in one season, be it a job, friendship, or volunteer role, may be unnecessary in the next. Even though I’m a creature of habit, I am learning to own this season of change as a gift and not a punishment. It’s not easy, but it is helpful.

I’ve stopped saying I wish things were like they used to be. All the movement of this season is stretching me and I know that growth is inevitable. In fairness, I probably wouldn’t ever change on my own accord. It feels simpler to keep things as they have always been, but I’m reminded that wearing mittens in all seasons wouldn’t make things easier.

If you find yourself struggling through a transition, don’t begrudge the change. Although difficult in the moment, the change will likely produce growth in you that you can’t begin to anticipate. Instead of trying to keep things as they’ve always been, maybe it’s time to surrender to the change. Turning around and going back won’t move you forward, after all. The death grip on our creature comforts will only prove to exhaust the one gripping them.

Here’s my new mantra: mourn the change, and give yourself time to heal from the unwanted transition. Look fondly on the memory of how things used to be, but be prepared to move forward. Courageously surrender your need to see how everything will unfold before you will take one step.

Take the step, friend.

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