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An Angel, a Promise, and a Long Awaited Answer

The rains have been as consistent as the rising and the setting of the sun {even if not visible in this region this week}. Sitting down for quiet time, raindrops pelting the window lulled me with their consistent rhythm. I entertained a few thoughts about when the rain would end, and the possibility of needing to build a modern day ark to get Texans to dry land, before regaining focus.

Landing on the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth, I let the words of Luke 1 fall afresh on me. These two were up in age and never had children-though they had offered innumerable prayers for that story to play out differently. I tried to imagine the heartache and disappointment they felt when her womb remained vacant-year after year.

As I continued reading, I delighted in the unexpected encounter Zachariah had while in the sanctuary performing priestly duties. He was face to face with an angel that gave him incomprehensible news-his wife would become pregnant.

Luke 1

This comes to pass and John the Baptist enters the narrative as a son to Zachariah and Elizabeth-as well as the forerunner for Jesus.

It’s an incredible story filled with the hope of what God can do in impossible situations. Elizabeth undoubtedly saw her barrenness as an insurmountable obstacle. Maybe, since she was advanced in years, she had resolved to be at peace with her unanswered prayer. Maybe it was a reality she wrestled with every single day. Who knows? What I imagine is that this exact scenario had not crossed her mind! John, the name they were told to give their child, means the Lord is gracious.

As my time of study came to a close, the sun broke through the gloomy sky. With each moment that passed, fewer and fewer drops of rain fell to the ground. Now as I sit and look, only an occasional drop will fall from a saturated leaf.  In just a few moments, this day took a dramatic turn and what we couldn’t do outdoors just moments earlier, we can do now.

Oh how I needed this visual to sear the story of God’s provision into my mind and heart. God is able to change the trajectory of our stories in a matter of seconds. He might not interrupt your day with an angelic announcement, but He may bring an unexpected peace to your heart. He may not answer the prayer for healing, but He may provide an extra measure of stamina to stand a little longer in the battle. Whether or not the answer comes in our preferred form, He is trustworthy. Maybe He just wants us to utter the words that feel impossible, or absurd, from this earthly perspective.

Will you let Him into the impossible?

Will you submit the once forgotten dream to Him again today?

His answer may not be as hoped for, but of this we can be absolutely sure–He hears us when we pray, and He is ever present in our story even when the rain is unrelenting.


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2 thoughts on “An Angel, a Promise, and a Long Awaited Answer

  1. “God is able to change the trajectory of our stories in a matter of seconds.”
    And… “Maybe He just wants us to utter the words that feel impossible…”
    Yep. Even though I’ve had the privilege of a front-row seat to this kind of work from God, I need the reminder. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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