Blurred Lines {Not the Song!}

I’ve been studying prayer this month. It’s been both encouraging and challenging all at once. When I took some time to examine my motives and habits in prayer, I realized it’s not uncommon for me to just present requests for my needs. Then this poem, not my usual style of writing, emerged from a parallel I saw in my relationship with my children and my relationship with God.




They ask me to fulfill basic needs.

I’m hungry.

Can you wash my clothes,

clip my nails,

feed me dinner?

They ask me to fulfill wants.

Can I get a new backpack.

Can you take me to the movies?

There’s a new pair of shoes I need.

I’m their mom.

I fulfill every request

within my capability.


I love them.

I desire the best for them.

I am filled with joy when they are.

I also desire relationship with them.

I want them to come to me

for ordinary conversation;

to ask me if there is anything I would like them to do,

to share a heart of gratitude with me.

Then there is advice.

Sometimes I try and share it with them,

but they refuse the words of wisdom;

the teaching of experience.

They are busy.

They speak of wanting more hours in the day.

They prioritize friendships,

video games,

and social media

over time

with me.

Then it occurs to me.

The line has blurred


me and the children

and the Lord and me.

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