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Trust the Process


It’s unknown how the fire started. The house was on the market {and vacant} when the fire broke out. There’s some speculation about vagabonds and drugs, but my thoughts were consumed with the homeowners. Yes, it was an empty house, but it was someone’s house. Loss is loss.

The house sat quiet, with no activity, for three months. Each time we drove by we wondered aloud what they might do with the house. Back and forth we passed and contemplated. Honestly, I began to worry that the house would remain abandoned forever. Maybe it would sit and deteriorate more and more.

The scream that escaped my mouth surprised everyone in the car…especially me. It was involuntary-I promise. We cruised down the familiar stretch of road when I happened to glance right at the fire torn house. I saw activity at the house. Nitty-gritty, demolition was in full swing. Part of the roof was torn off and heaps of sheetrock littered the driveway. My scream ushered everyone’s attention out the window. I sounded like a tour guide, “Look kids. They are ripping off the roof.” There may have also been some sarcastic clapping and wide-eyed glances emerging from the back seat.

Fair enough, friends…my excitement was unexpected. I concede. However, what once gave the impression of a lifeless home was now ablaze with activity. Clearly there was an owner with plans to rebuild all that had been destroyed.  Since I tend to see a lesson in everything—enthusiasm was a natural response.

We have some friends that have had their lives turned upside down. In many ways, they feel ravaged by the fiery trials of life. The loss is real and raw. The house reminded me of their lives. They have waited quietly in this season for the rebuilding process to begin. They are beginning to wonder if and when that will happen.  Will the wounds heal? Are they being obedient? What was this all for? Their questions linger like the charred wood of the fire torn house.

I worried about that vacant house because I didn’t know the owner. I wasn’t privy to what was happening behind the scenes. However, clearly there was an owner that was busy making plans and he knew WHEN that project was going to begin. At the time they selected, the contractors came in and began the process of tearing out what was destroyed. They will {no doubt} return the house to its original condition—or maybe even better.

The same is true for my life and for my friends that are in a hard spot.  The One {Jesus} that purchased our lives has plans that we are not privy to. He sees that which has been destroyed, and He is faithful and thoughtful in the rebuilding process. It may feel like we have to wait forever, but alas one day we’ll see the transformation begin. He will use that which was meant to destroy us for good. We will be stronger, wiser, and full of gratitude.

Rebuilding is a process. If you are in a season of such, I urge you to trust the process.


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