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For the Love {of Answered Prayers}

We were in unfamiliar territory. I guess that’s what made my request bold {or stupid}. I asked, nonetheless.

Lord, would you let someone affirm me today? Yes, I know I’m in Orlando {1,000 miles from home} and it’s likely I won’t know a single soul at Disney, but please? {Then I crossed my arms and proceeded} I’m ready to give up on this blog, but if one person affirms me today…I will keep going.

I ended my prayer and went on with my day. To be honest, I kind of forgot about my pleading and that happens to me more than I care to admit. It’s no wonder I sometimes fail to see God’s hand at work. You, too?

My oldest son was marching in the afternoon parade at Disney {super cool} and I was lost in the excitement of the day. That prayer was way out of my mind. But, as we sat down to wait for the parade to commence, I causally checked my email. I opened an email, read these words, and fell silent.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? YOU, because YOU are on my Launch Team for ‘For the Love’!! Yeah baby!! We only had room for 10% of all applicants (what the??), and we think you got the stuff. THANK YOU for your amazing enthusiasm; I couldn’t possibly love you more if I tried with all my might. You are leading well and using your influence like a boss. We all think you are amazing. 

Two weeks {or so} prior to this trip I applied for a spot on Jen Hatmaker’s book launch team. AND, wait for it, I had forgotten. My expectations were clearly low–I fully expected a “Dear John” {way to aim high, Alyssa}–and so I just put it out of my mind! I sat stunned and didn’t say a word–to anyone–except Jesus. He had heard my cry and responded in an unexpected way. He reminded me that He is El Roi–the God that sees and knows!

For the Love

The launch team experience has been one I don’t know how to describe. It has been more than simply reading a book early and posting quotes. It has been more than getting the word out. I inherited 400+ new friends and an unbelievably honest, generous, and humorous community. Then there was the book. The one that had me laughing and crying in the same chapter. Just wow. You will want to read this book. I promise. {Check it out here:}

Yes, I felt affirmed in this process–but it was so much bigger than an isolated moment of affirmation. My attitude and perspective received major adjustments as I absorbed the words on the pages of For the Love.

Here’s one of the lines that convicted me and I now use to measure my thoughts and words about God.

If it isn’t also true for the single Christian mom in Haiti, it isn’t true (For the Love, Chapter 3).

Hold that up to your theology, friends. If it isn’t true for her, as much as you or anyone else, it just might not be true. Wow. If you are interested in being stretched, or pushed out of your tiny, comfortable corner, I’d suggest you get off this blog post and on to ordering yourself a copy of this book!

You just never know what God will use to answer a prayer you MAY have forgotten you asked! For the love of sanity, keep praying and asking–and don’t forget to be watchful and expectant!

9 thoughts on “For the Love {of Answered Prayers}

  1. Eloquently put Alyssa! God is so exciting, so mind blowing, so inclusive. Thank you for sharing such an amazing moment when He lavished love on you….deeply! I am cheering….(and I’m in Starbucks! Let’s spread the word!!!)


  2. Just picked up her book a few weeks ago, and am loving it! Way to go for the Launch Team! Keep doing what you’re doing – when I do pop onto WordPress that’s when I start scrolling through all of the posts and saw this today. 🙂

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