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One Completed Task

My life is filled with unfinished “projects.” I’ve struggled with a long-standing streak of slothfulness. I blame this awful trait for all the things I’ve desired to finish—things I’ve started with great gusto—but failed to complete.

At this very moment-I have potato salad waiting to be finished, a bag of popcorn that has not been finished, two stacks of books that I’ve read half-way through, and countless other “miscellaneous” items held captive by my lack of follow through.


While killing time (aka-avoiding my “unfinished”) yesterday, I flipped through social media and saw a status update about Good Friday. I thought about the familiar verse from scripture that records Jesus uttering the words, “it is finished” (John 19:30).

God’s redemptive purpose was accomplished. Finished.

The act of mercy, the one I all too often take for granted, blood shed for me on Calvary—is a constant reminder of finished work I could have never completed. His death, burial, and resurrection paid it ALL.



Although I will continue to struggle with unfinished business here and now, my eternal affairs are in order. The only completed work that really matters is the work of Jesus.

While I will-no doubt-continue to struggle with completion…I will hold on to the hope of the finished work of Jesus.

It’s enough…even if my self-made to-do list remains perpetually incomplete.

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