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Sifting Through the Rubble


rubble: waste or rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, etc., esp. as the debris from the demolition of buildings. Broken bits and pieces of anything, as that which is demolished.

Whether from a natural disaster or an accident, it makes no difference. Owners return to the site of the disaster and search for anything of value (sentimental or monetary) that remains. Some discover the family dog buried under debris, but still living. Others celebrate a recovered family heirloom, or photographs. Part of the recovery process is returning to the disaster site and sifting through the rubble. While this undoubtedly elicits incredible emotion and is inexplicably painful, it’s a necessary part of healing.

When I  read Dan Woolley’s book, Unshaken, my emotions were gripped at the great courage and fortitude he showed as he waited among the rubble for his rescue. In a darkened elevator shaft, with many injuries, he began writing in a journal. The motivation was his family and the reality was he didn’t know if he would see them again. For that reason, he began writing so the family would find this treasure, should he not survive, amidst the rubble.

Return to the ruins.

That statement alone frightens us. I think it’s our tendency to run from the hurt we’ve experienced. The circumstances that have created rubble in our lives.

Disappointments. Rejections. Broken promises. Relationship disasters. Financial demise. Unfaithfulness.

It seems counterintuitave to return to them. Why revisit? Who wants to relive the painful seasons of life? While we don’t, I believe we should. Just as families have uncovered unexpected treasures, I believe we have hidden gifts in the rubble of our lives.

Anytime I have returned to the ruins (those awful experiences that broke me in more ways than one), I uncover something unexpected–unmanufactured.

God’s faithfulness.

Go back to the rubble.

Look under the broken pieces.

Search through the ruins.

Look expectantly.

Hidden among the rough fragments and debris might be a treasure you didn’t even know was there.

Please feel free to comment and share treasures you have uncovered in the “ruins” of life.

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6 thoughts on “Sifting Through the Rubble

  1. It took me 41 years, but I discovered the GOOD NEWS in the ruins. I thought I knew the good news (and thought I didn’t deserve it, that I was defective), but basically I was living a life of performing (and hiding) to try to win love. I found that He loves me no matter what. Realizing how lavishly I’m loved makes me want to love others in that way. So grateful for my best friend Jesus. This was a wonderful post by a wonderful lady.

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    1. Thanks, Sue! After a long track record of running away from my “ruins”, I can now say I see great value in returning–and seeing what lessons arise from the devastation! I’m also grateful for the lessons I learn from friends like you!


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