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Moment of Truth Monday

I have a hard time throwing things away. I don’t think I’m hoarder status, but I can certainly justify keeping all manner of strange things. I was feeling particularly conflicted last week about the beautiful pumpkins occupying space on my porch steps and dining table. The season had passed, but goodness I didn’t feel good…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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Moment of Truth Monday

Wearing a disguise, pretending to be someone/something else, and escaping the ordinary daily routine was my favorite part of Halloween as a child. The distinct scent of plastic costumes was second only to the smell of a new iron-on t-shirt from Peggy’s Top Shop. Along with my sisters, we collected candy in pillowcases, stayed out…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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The Liberating Power of Confession

It was the intersection of my guilt and the Lord’s prompting. My breathing became shallow and my heart thumped wildly. With everything in me, I didn’t like where this was leading. It’s a moment I won’t soon forget. Jesus was directing me to confess my failure—to Him…and to someone I wronged. Confession. There’s something we…… Continue reading The Liberating Power of Confession

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Tiptoeing Toward Vulnerability

Intimacy frightens me. Being brave–being vulnerable–sharing weakness—no.way.  Exposure is scary. Trust is required and I have not been super adept in that department. Beth Moore, in her study Living Free, refers to the “be strong, be independent” philosophy that was authored by satan. The one that sounds like, “no, I’m fine…I can manage this on my own.” Self…… Continue reading Tiptoeing Toward Vulnerability