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When Life Leaves You Unhinged

I have a legit obsession with old doors and windows. When this love affair started I can’t say exactly, but it’s deeply rooted. My eyes are drawn to 8 paned windows, old barn doors, and discarded shutters. If within my sight, they are in my hands and I’m examining the paint while considering all the lovely uses…… Continue reading When Life Leaves You Unhinged

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Play Your Note

Inadequacies, mistakes, failures and fears regularly find their way into my thoughts. Not measuring up—not being enough—have been reoccurring thoughts for as long as I can remember. They are so familiar they can creep in and linger undetected. In elementary school I distinctly remember wanting to read, write and draw like Grace Su. She could do…… Continue reading Play Your Note


Gift Giving 101

Last week I bought my youngest a small Lego minifigure pack while grocery shopping. The little guy had memorized the “continent rap” and was required to recite it in front of his classmates. Knowing his intense struggle with anxiety, especially when “on the spot”, I felt led to buy him this tiny gift to celebrate his courage. This crazy little pack,…… Continue reading Gift Giving 101