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Moment of Truth Monday

She stood in front of me fumbling through each screen. My silent frustration grew with every failed attempt. I just wanted to sign in, get my labs drawn, and get on with the rest of my day. This slowdown was unwelcome. Though the slowdown of an interruption is typically inconvenient, it’s often fertile learning ground.…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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Giving out of Excess Isn’t Equivalent to Sacrifice

We gathered in a circle to pray over the women that would be the recipients of the piles of donations collected.  Purses, shoes, sweaters, belts, and toiletries filled the space around us. The prayers offered were thoughtful and heartfelt, but as the time of prayer tarried, I had a growing conviction. While I could hear…… Continue reading Giving out of Excess Isn’t Equivalent to Sacrifice