Fair Trade Friday: Story & Giveaway

Fair has been a source of angst for me because it seems elusive and fictitious. Anybody know what I mean? When my sisters wouldn’t share with me, it felt unfair because I wanted a turn. Basketball officials make inconsistent calls, so the loss feels unfair. The student stands wrongly accused because the teacher didn’t get the…… Continue reading Fair Trade Friday: Story & Giveaway


Fair Trade Friday: Giveaway

Seriously…Don’t you just love this beauty?   Woven Wonders is a vintage Noonday piece no longer available to order, so this is a great opportunity! My friend, Elizabeth, is a Noonday Ambassador and is sponsoring the blog giveaway today.   To enter the drawing, please do the following: Head over to the Noonday Blog, Flourish, and read Elizabeth’s story…… Continue reading Fair Trade Friday: Giveaway