Fair Trade Friday: Story & Giveaway

Fair has been a source of angst for me because it seems elusive and fictitious. Anybody know what I mean? When my sisters wouldn’t share with me, it felt unfair because I wanted a turn. Basketball officials make inconsistent calls, so the loss feels unfair. The student stands wrongly accused because the teacher didn’t get the…… Continue reading Fair Trade Friday: Story & Giveaway

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Generous Love: Disrupting a “Me” Centered Theology

Post-it Notes protrude from most of my books and notebooks {marking favorite quotes and things I want to return to again}. I place them for the sake of easy {future} retrieval–but–without a doubt, they eventually fall off. Have you noticed that? They transfer to the bottom of shoes, the elbows of sweaters, or to the dreaded “black-hole”…… Continue reading Generous Love: Disrupting a “Me” Centered Theology


Protect Your Valuables

I was making Andrew’s bed while answering many inquires about each item I placed on his bed.  I had just finished an extensive dissertation about how the mattress protector-which I was also recalling was ridiculously expensive-would keep his bed from absorbing any accidents, spills, etc-thereby avoiding a stinky aroma.  The conversation was beyond his three years, and coincidentally he… Continue reading Protect Your Valuables