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A Story, A Question and A Crossroad

Blindsided. Never saw it coming. Ever uttered those words? There is deep vulnerability assumed in such responses–evidenced by the undertone of surprise. I like to plan–you know–keep things nice and tidy. If possible, I’d do this with every area of my life. Emotions, faith, disappointments, friendships, etc. Keep things under control. A few weekends ago, while attending…… Continue reading A Story, A Question and A Crossroad

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Broken, Leftover Pieces

I stared at the giant, broken Lego set and secretly hoped to find a way out of “repairing” it. Although I didn’t have a hand in its original creation, I previously performed emergency surgery. With this particular robot, or machine, or {who knows what it is}–parts just seemed to consistently fall off! So, I did…… Continue reading Broken, Leftover Pieces

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Even Though

Even though…it’s my new favorite phrase.  When used as a conjunction, it strongly emphasizes the contrast between the two connecting phrases. My study last week revolved around the life, calling and promise of Abraham. He was called to go to a new land and then given the blessing of being the conduit of God’s blessing to all the people…… Continue reading Even Though


Gift Giving 101

Last week I bought my youngest a small Lego minifigure pack while grocery shopping. The little guy had memorized the “continent rap” and was required to recite it in front of his classmates. Knowing his intense struggle with anxiety, especially when “on the spot”, I felt led to buy him this tiny gift to celebrate his courage. This crazy little pack,…… Continue reading Gift Giving 101