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“Alyssa has a passion for helping women shift their focus from circumstances and failures to the sovereignty and love of the Lord and Savior. Her lighthearted,  thought – provoking style are an asset to any Christ-centered event. I feel so loved when I am in a room with Alyssa. Her light shines bright.”  Christina Hernandez


“I have personally been encouraged on many occasions by Alyssa’s teaching. She is poignant, funny & clear as she shares her heart for Jesus. Alyssa believes what she teaches & teaches what she believes.  Because she has been healed by the love of Christ, she brings that same heart to her listeners! You’ll be blessed.”  Denalyn Lucado


“When I think of Alyssa, one of the first words that comes to mind is ‘genuine.’ She is not afraid to share her struggles, admit faults, and just be herself. And because she is comfortable being the woman God created her to be, her listeners leave more comfortable being their unique selves too.” Jenna Lucado-Bishop


“I have personally witnessed Alyssa’s spiritual growth. Through some of life‘s most unfortunate, unpredictable and challenging seasons, she has learned to lean on the One who knows her intimately and loves her unconditionally. She speaks with great conviction but always in truth and tender love. You will be greatly blessed and encouraged if you have the opportunity to meet Alyssa and/or hear her speak!” Elizabeth Sheraden


“Alyssa recently came & spoke at our Women’s event and our women loved her! We had girls in their teens all the way to ladies in their 80’s attend the night and they were all blessed. She delivered God’s word with such ease & insight. Alyssa is a natural teacher & a crowd favorite!” Ruthann Weece


Speaking topics include: Hope, Identity in Christ, Surrender, Healing, Rest, Power of Community, Living Loved, Relationships, and the Power of Kind in a World of Lonely

Bible study material: Broken Vessels, Miracles of Jesus, Redeemed Relationships, Women of the Bible

Are you looking for a conference, event, or retreat speaker? Please use the contact form for date and fee inquiries.



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3 thoughts on “Speaking Recommendations

  1. The Lord uses Alyssa as his earthly vessel. He speaks words of truth through her in a way we can relate to…and readily apply to our lives. Yet, she remains humble…taking none of the credit and giving all of the glory to Him. Her message always blesses the listener.

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