Collaborative Circle

A Faith-Filled Creative Mastermind

Local friends–this mastermind is an opportunity for creative collaboration.

If you are a photographer, writer, blogger, speaker, songwriter, artist, or podcaster, this new mastermind group begins September 28th.

The group will offer an opportunity to swap ideas, give and receive encouragement, and learn alongside other creatives.

This space is for creatives who are ready to gain a little traction, support the endeavors of others, and learn new ways to approach the process.

Collaborative Circle will meet once a month in the afternoon [2-4pm]. If you are in the San Antonio area, you are invited.

To join the group, please register here.

Wondering if this is the right group for you? Do you have questions about the purpose of the group? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Registration will close on August 14th.

[space is limited]

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

Elder Uchtdorf