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Moment of Truth Monday

I seriously enjoy flowers. I love the aroma they give, aesthetic beauty they offer, and the way they can change the mood of a room. I appreciate the end product of the tenacity and efficiency of gardeners.

I do NOT have a green thumb, nor do I full understand what that requires. Though, I have single-handedly killed lavender by way of over-watering and basil by way of skillful under-watering. My deepest respect and admiration rests on those of you capable of cultivating such beauty.

As I was trying my limited gardening skills recently, I encountered a weed that had been given the time to grow out of control. Plenty of the weed towered above ground making it visually obvious, but as I began digging I was alarmed at how convoluted the roots had become. I yanked and yanked, but the roots would not break free.

After a while, and just prior to giving up, I grabbed a pickax. I hurled the tool through the air and then plunged it into the soil. After repeating this several times, the end of the root system remained yet hidden from sight. I sat down and reconsidered keeping the weed and calling it the new trend in gardening. Seriously, I was past ready to quit.

I’ve been considering this weed for a few days. Its root system absorbed nutrients from the soil…the same soil where I attempted to grow flowers. I plant flowers that manage to die within days of being in the soil, but somehow the weeds have no trouble rooting and thriving.

Here’s the thing that struck me the other day, the soil of my heart is just like that. The hard memories, hurt feelings, and disappointments are often well-rooted, over-grown, and prolific. Where I desire beauty, thorns take over. Where joy is planted, sorrow drains the nutrients. Ever experience this in your own life?

For years, I have not plainly shared my needs. I have given my people an out by not communicating exact needs. Disappointment kept me from sharing, but not sharing nurtured a root of the weed of bitterness. Suffice it to say, in full view of you, I’m taking my first whack at the roots of this weed. In its place, the soil will be prepared to receive what is lovely and true. This is surely a natural benefit of tilling the soil.

We can’t minimize the difficult things we’ve experienced. Those are real and have roots. However, we do have a choice…if and how long they stay in the soil of our heart, mind, and spirit. Spoiler alert: removing them will require work. Hard work. Tenacious work.

Take an honest look at your life, get your gloves on, till the soil, and start uprooting the weeds choking out peace, joy, love, and kindness. It’s the perfect day to start!

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2 thoughts on “Moment of Truth Monday

  1. I have a yucky root that grows deep into my past and I have a feeling that your words are another confirmation from God that it’s time to put the gardening gloves on. Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement!

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    1. Cheering you on, Jessica. This is hard work, but I know it will bring great yields. I spoke up about my need today. In a room filled with my study pals, I admitted that I needed feedback. That was me with gloves on. Solidarity, sister!


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